The music of Bhutan is an integral part of its culture and plays an important role in transmitting social values. Traditional Bhutanese music includes a spectrum of sub-genres, ranging from folk to religious song and music. Some genres of traditional Bhutanese music intertwine vocals, instrumentation, and theatre and dance, while others are mainly vocal or instrumental. Today, the folk music is increasingly giving way to a fast evolving modern music influenced largely by the outside world.

Bhutanese folk music often employs stringed instruments. Instruments used in both traditional and modern genres of Bhutanese music include the Lingm (six-holed flute), the Chiwang (two-stringed fiddle), and the Dramnyen (similar to a large three-stringed rebec
featuerd in the picture below). Others include Thangthang Namburong (four-holed bamboo bass flute), Kongkha (bamboo mouth harp), Gombu (bull or buffalo horn), and Yangchen (dulcimer)